Sunday, November 12, 2006

MuadDib and His Cult of Drama Queens

As I've been a poster on SF on and off, mostly off...and mostly a reader, I've had very few run-ins with MuadDib...thank God. I believe I started perusing SF in the late 1990s and didn't register and post till about 2001 intially under a different user name, and a couple of more as I'd either become pre-occupied with outside activities or just simply quit reading and posting altogether. It wasn't till about late 2004 that I became more active, and even that wasn't very active really...not long after my first encounter with both the most loved and hated SF moderator. It was on a thread some idiotic peon who of course has since either disappeared or reappeared under a different user name had started with his concern about the plight of the Mexicans in the U.S. Fair enough, however this shit for brains brought up an idea about re-naming some of our cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, etc. with Anglicized names. Now I'm not going to bother getting into an ancient thread or ancient history about the Spaniards conquest of the Americas but as always I proceeded to shoot down this moron's arguments with my wit, historical facts, and basic common fucking sense. MuadDib, then a moderator closed the thread with a final post not only insulting the thread starter but basically insulting everyone who posted on it myself included by referring to us as "so-called WNs", a term I've since stolen from him and use as frequently as possible in reference to some of the blatant trolls, Nordic supremacists, and other pieces of shit who drag this movement down.

At that point I had noticed MuadDib's various postings all over the board, mostly short comments usually hurling insults towards newbies for the unpardonable sin of being ignorant on certain subjects they more than likely were never exposed to with decades of public school education, entertainment and press industry influence, and know, some of us didn't have the luxury of growing up cut off from society in the backwoods. Many insults towards fellow WNs who didn't agree with his paranoid views on Jews* in particular, closing numerous threads he didn't like, banning members he didn't like, etc. You've read the threads in recent days...
*and let me add before some dipshit accuses me of defending the Jews, I like MuadDib am fully aware of the Jews and what they've done to the White European race, however where I differ is in blaming everything solely on the Jews...sometimes you have to look in the mirror and think to yourself "who allowed it to happen?"...if you can't figure out what I'm saying, let me put it into a language you can easily understand... you can accuse the Jews of bringing and selling the blacks from Africa as slaves, but were the people who bought, used, and mixed with those black slaves all Jews?

The next encounter I had with MuadDib was when yet another moron started a thread insulting Whites of Spanish descent, particularly Cubans in the Miami area. Of course myself being a White Hispanic of Cuban background who happens to live in the Miami area took exception and verbally and virtually ripped this pea-brained jerkoff a new one...that is until MuadDib had to step in, delete some of my posts, and send me PMs threatening to ban me. Now while I wasn't using curse words or anything, I was being rather insulting towards this particular poster who like all the rest who swing by SF to "stir the shit" has conveniently since disappeared or is back heavily posting on the ARA message board he/she/it probably came from. I complied, whatever, delete my posts...there'll be (and there were) more posts for another time.

So basically that's it, a couple of encounters of thinks it far less than most of those who hate and dispise him. However, I probably hate him more than anybody. And it may not have to do with him per se, but rather what he represents.

You might remember some months ago when MuadDib had his moderator priveleges taken away...there was a huge uproar, drama queens crying left and right that their fallen leader of the internet race war was taken down. It was quite hysterical actually LOL! MuadDib supposedly disappeared to White Survival Forums and there was a sort of rebellion where like 2 people were to go there with them and they tried to get everyone to follow. It didn't work. It failed. Miserably. White Survival, which is actually a very good message board I must fact the only reason I don't bother registering and participating is because of MuadDib, though it has a very laid-back, mellow atmosphere...with MuadDib there while it is not his board, it kind of reminds me of that one Twilight Zone episode with Bill Mumy where he can read everybody's minds and he controls them to think, act, and say whatever he wants to hear and what pleases him.

In case you didn't know, that's the man himself 2nd from the left...even Don Black looks like he's about to snap and start pleading for someone to whack MuadDib over the head with a blunt heavy object to end far as I know MuadDib does not himself possess the powers to turn people into jack in the boxes, lucky for Mr. Black.

Anyways MuadDib went into a self imposed exile from the Stormfront messageboard that lasted all but a couple of weeks. As a mere poster like the rest of us, he still harrassed, insulted, and rediculed everyone that did not agree with him and accused many of being the Jude. Fortunately what should've happened a long time ago...he has now been banned. It's about fucking time!

Let me say I don't like seeing anyone banned (that is authentic, fellow WNs), in fact I'm kind of amazed I haven't been banned sometimes. I don't go to SF expecting to agree or get along with everybody...if I did I probably would quit posting there out of boredom. MuadDib on the other hand has always been way out of line...and this was a long time coming.

The fact of the matter is MuadDib was banned because plain and simple, he violated Stormfront's guidelines. Any one of us would have been banned so quick our heads would've spinned for doing what he has been doing continuously for years now. Insulting, rediculing, and threatening other members. It's not so much that he was an online terror to the anti's, Jews, trolls, and other groups of people who specifically go to Stormfront to cause trouble...he did the same thing to fellow WNs! What's worse is that people continuously defend him as if he was wronged for being banned when in fact what they conveniently fail to mention was the reason for his banning, he apparently got personal with another fellow WN...while I'm not a sustaining member and have no clue what exactly happened, I did read moderator Jack Boot's statement on the now deleted thread addressing this issue in the Lounge and what Boot alluded to is that The Dibster had made a comment to someone that Boot said he himself would've became violent with 'Dib had he said that to him. Whatever it was, it must've been pretty damn serious to cause a banning especially with how long he's been tolerated.

Ironically it comes as no surprise to me that nearly all the people coming out in support of MuadDib are the very people I'm constantly clashing with...the 8th grade drop-outs who think everything Spanish is brown, the pea-brained arseholes who think Miami is "Cuban", the trailer park dwelling fucktards who actually believed Pamela Anderson was Jewish because they read it on, hey there's me mate Ozman crying over the Dibbster down in Oz! Yeah that's me Aussie mate who made an issue out of me not being a SF sustaining member, oi mate...I've noticed you haven't paid your dues in quite a few months now? Don't you care THAT MUCH? Hey we got a race to be saving!

Now I got to emphasize that not all MuadDib friends and supporters are idiots, in fact some, particularly those who actually know him in real life I've no problem with, in fact a couple in particular I have utmost admiration for. Even MuadDib despite the fact I do not like him, at all, I must say as a mod he was by far the best at rooting out the trolls, no one ever could touch him on that, and his knowledge about the Jewish people was nothing short of expert on the subject...

However with that same ferociousness he showed towards our enemies, he used it against allies too, and that was his downfall. Fact of the matter is MuadDib's gone, he's out, sayonara, adios, don't let the door hit you on the culo on the way out...

You got to think many WNs has MuadDib turned off to this movement, whether by banning them or them willingly giving up? How many new recruits and those curious about this movement have turned away because they had to put up with his idiotic and petty insults? We're less than 1% of the White population, are we really in a position where we have to root out potential friends and allies because of various ideological beliefs and opinions, or the naivity of potential newcomers? Who needs enemies when we do their work for them?

What will happen in the end? Will WN fall by the wayside because MuadDib's gone? No. Will more and more trolls infest SF? Probably, though I must wonder if a lot of these people labeled Jews, Zionist agents, and trolls by the Dibster's Cult of Drama Queens are really labeled so for the simple fact they don't have the same opinions...who knows maybe they think I'm a troll because I don't got a husky dog avatar on my signature? HEIL MUAD DIB! I see people comparing MuadDib to Jesus Christ and Hitler. That's not even stupid, that's a whole new level of retarded. Fact of the matter is if these people are so loyal to their fallen comrade, warrior, icon, leader, or let's cut the shit and call him what he is, some guy posting on the fucking internet...if they're so loyal they can all follow him to White Survival...don't count on it, the drama queens need the attention of the world's biggest online WNist message board, they already proved how loyal they were the first time MuadDib left and could barely attract a blip to follow him...they're so loyal that even during all this commotion while posting links to White Survival, not one of them noticed that the forum has actually been down for a week...some loyalty eh? Half of them can't even spell his name right. Yep, that's MuadDib in a nutshell. Just a regular guy like you or me posting on the internet. Yeah he took a lot of time and put up his Primer on the Jews, an outstanding resource compiling various articles and fucking what? Hey I like the job my local librarian does but not once have I ever thought about making comparisons with her and Charles Dickens or George Sand. At least the librarian has a friendly smile...and never has insulted me, to my face. Or behind a keyboard.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Jewish List

It never ceases to amaze me how many so-called "White Nationalists" have such a difficult time telling a White Caucasian from a Semitic Jew. While in my opinion a lot of these so-called WNists are probably "trolls" from the many various anti-racist and communist groups "stirring the shit" so to speak, it's unfortunate but no doubtedly the truth that a large percentage of the people attracted to fringe movements such as White Nationalism are in fact pretty fucking stupid. Below is a list I painfully and meticulously have been keeping and adding when necessary for many months now. It is a list of Jewish people, celebrities mostly but also well known Jewish people. While by no means the be all, end all document of the Jewish people, it's basically a list I compiled of people who are Jewish as well as having Jewish origins and most importantly thanks to and a bunch of idiots who call themselves "White Nationalists" who ask that all important question "I just read Jackie Chan is Jewish, is it true?", I've listed the many non-Jewish people who are often associated with being Jewish by various White Pride websites. Everybody listed can be verified via various official websites, proof provided if requested. I will be adding and updating in the future, feel free to add but warning this isn't Stormfront, if you're dumb enough to add Andy Griffith or Kenny Rogers I will not be very nice in my reply...

Jewish Celebrities/Figures

Bud Abbott (Abbot & Costello... Bud Abbot was a half or full Jew depending on source, Lou Costello was not Jewish)
Paula Abdul - (singer/American Idol judge...Syrian/Brazilian father, mother Jew from Quebec)
Don Adams (star of Get Smart/cartoon voice, converted to Catholicism)
Joey Adams (member of Rat Pack)
Anouk Aimee
Marv Albert (sports commentator/involved in sex scandal)
Madeleine Albright (politician)
Marty Allen (Hollywood Squares panelist)
Woody Allen (comedian/actor/director)
Gloria Allred (attorney)
Jason Alexander (Seinfeld)
Lyle Alzado ( star)
Morey Amsterdam (Dick Van Dyke Show)
Anastacia (model/yoga instructor)
Bea Arthur (Maude & The Golden Girls)
Isaac Asimov (sci-fi writer)
Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant star, communist party member)
Mili Avital
Hank Azaria (comedian, voice on Simpsons)
Lauren Bacall (legendary actress)
Tom Baker (British born actor played Dr. Who and starred in horror films, convert to Catholicism, at one time a monk)
John Banner (co-star of Hogan's Heroes)
Roseanne Barr (comedienne)
Richard Belzer (comedian/star of Law & Order)
Ike Barenholtz
Richard Benjamin (director/actor)
Jack Benny (legendary comedian)
Robby Benson (very popular actor in the 70s)
Dave Berg (cartoonist for Mad magazine)
Mary Kay Bergman (female voice on South Park, killed herself in 1999)
Elizabeth Berkley (Showgirls star)
David Berkowitz (serial killer...adopted at birth by Jewish family and Jews typically claim he's not Jewish although he's clearly a Semite, while on death row has claimed to be a born-again Christian)
Sandra Bernhard (comedienne/actress)
Bonnie Bernstein (ESPN sportscaster)
Leonard Bernstein (composer)
Joe Besser (3 Stooges)
Joey Bishop
Jack Black (comedian, star of Rock School, Shallow Hal, The Cable Guy and others)
Lewis Black
Selma Blair (actress)
Mel Blanc (famous cartoon voice)
Franz Boaz (anthropologist)
Helena Bonham-Carter (actress, Jewish mother...raised Catholic)
Tom Bosley (star of Happy Days)
Elaine Boosler (stand-up comic)
Victor Borge (comedian)
Jonathon Brandis (young actor, hung himself)
David Brenner (comedian)
Fanny Brice
Adrian Brody (star of The Pianist, King Kong, many more)
Albert Brooks (comedian/actor)
Mel Brooks (comedian/director)
Brother Theodore (very strange comedian, does cartoon voices)
Lenny Bruce (stand up comic)
Dr. Judy Brown (radio psychiatrist)
Brooke Burke (model)
Sarah Burke (reality TV star)
Milton Burle (legendary comedian)
George Burns (legendary comedian)
Red Buttons (comedian/actor)
James Caan (actor)
Sid Caesar (legendary comedian/tv personality)
Eddie Cantor
Al Capp
Jack Carter
Emanuelle Chriqui
Marcia Clark (attorney in OJ Simpson case)
Andrew Dice Clay (stand-up comic born Andrew Silverstein)
Lee J. Cobb (tv actor)
The Coen Brothers (directors of Fargo, Raising Arizona, Where Art Thou Brother?, and more)
Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G and Borat of HBO)
Sasha Cohen (figure skater)
Didi Cohn (co-star of Grease)
Mindy Cohn (star of The Facts of Life)
David Copperfield (magician)
Howard Cossell (sports commentator)
Billy Cristal (comedian/actor)
Norm Crosby
David Cross (stand-up comic, appears 1/2 black but not sure)
Rodney Dangerfield (comic/actor)
Larry David (comedian/sitcom creator)
Cecil B. DeMille (director, Episcopalian convert)
Dustin Diamond
Selma Diamond (actress from Night Court)
Benjamin Disraeli (prime-minister of Great Britain, Anglican convert)
Kirk Douglas (actor)
Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live comedienne)
Fran Drescher (star of The Nanny)
Richard Driefuss (actor)
Herb Edelman
Albert Einstein (physicist)
Bob Einstein (aka Super Dave)
Fredrich Engels (associate of Karl Marx)
Max Factor
Corey Feldman (80s actor)
Marty Feldman (actor/comedian, star of Young Frankenstein, born in England)Michael Feldman
Arthur Fiedler (conductor)
Jay Fiedler (Miami Dolphins/NY Jets quarterback, grandson of Arthur)
Eddie Fisher (actor)
Joely Fisher
Tricia Leigh Fisher
Norman Fell (Mr. Roper from 3's Company)
Totie Fields
Larry Fine (3 Stooges)
Joe Francis (creator/distributor of Girls Gone Wild series, indicted on indecency charges)
Don Francisco (host of Univision's Sabado Gigante, born in Chile as Mario Kruetzberger)
Barney Frank (openly gay politician)
Al Franken (comedian/leftist political commentator/founder of Air America)
Bonnie Franklin (star of One Day at a Time)
Betty Frieden (feminist, founder of NOW)
Sigmund Freud (psychiatrist)
John Garfield (actor, real name: Jacob Garfinkle)
Brad Garrett (star of Everybody Loves Raymond)
Ina Garten (TV cook)
George Gershwin (composer)
Sarah Michelle Geller (actress)
Uri Geller (con-artist/"magician")
Gina Gershon
Paul Michael Glasser (star of Starsky & Hutch)
Jamie Gleicher
Elon Gold
Judy Gold (stand up comic)
Tracey Gold (star of "Benson")
Goldberg (pro wrestler)
Adam Goldberg (actor, star of Saving Private Ryan)
Barry Goldwater (politician/presidential candidate)
Benny Goodman (band leader)
Edie Gorme (singer, wife of Steve Lawrence)
Gilbert Gottfried (comedian/actor)
Elliott Gould (actor/ex-husband of Barbra Streisand)
Ellen Greene
Mrs. Greenthumbs
Caryn Groedel (reality TV star)
Michael Gross (star of Family Ties-Christian convert)
Steve Guttenberg (star of Police Academy films, Cocoon, others)
Buddy Hackett (legendary comedian)
Dan Hedaya (played Rhea Pearlman's husband on Cheers, starred in some movies, Israeili Sephardim background, always plays being either Spanish or Italian)
Joseph Heller
Hershey's (America's chocolate empire)
Barbara Hershey (actress)
Theodor Herzl (writer)
Paul Heyman (aka Paul E. Dangerously, pro wrestling manager, ECW promoter)Judd Hirsch (star of Taxi and Independance Day)
Lou Hirsch
Dustin Hoffman (actor)
Harry Houdini (magician)
Leslie Howard (actor, starred in Gone With The Wind)
Moe, Curly, & Shemp Howard (3 Stooges)
Marty Ingels (comedian)
Amy Irving (star of "Carrie", ex-wife of Steven Speilberg)
Jason Isaacs (actor from The Patriot, Black Hawk Down, others)
Sada Jacobson (fencer)
Derek Jacobi (actor)
David Jannsen (tv star of Mannix)
Al Jolson (entertainer/singer)
Judge Judy (Judith Schendlin, TV judge, her husband at one time did the People's Court also)
Frida Kahlo (Jewish father/Mexican mother, communist and friend/lover of Leon Trotsky)
Madeline Kahn (actress/comidienne associated with Mel Brooks)
Gabe Kaplan (tv star from Welcome Back Kotter)
Andy Kaufman (comedian/actor, starred in Taxi and few films)
Lloyd Kaufman (creator/director of Troma films, The Toxic Avenger, etc.)Danny Kaye (singer/actor)
Stubby Kaye
Lanie Kazan (actress)
Harvey Keitel (star of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, The Piano, and many more)
Richard Kind
Alan King (comedian)
Larry King (tv/radio talk host)
Henry Kissinger (politician)
Dylan Klebold (one of the Columbine shooters, grandson of rabbi)
Calvin Klein (fashion designer)
Robert Klein (stand up comic)
Jack Klugman (tv actor from The Odd Couple and Quincy)
Ed Koch (former New York City mayor, judge on The People's Court)
Ted Kopel (journalist)
Bernie Koppel (played doctor on The Love Boat)
Harvey Korman (comedian from The Carol Burnett Show)
Tony Kornheiser
Lisa Kudrow (Friends star)
Mila Kunis
Lisa Kushell
Bert Lahr (the Lion in the Wizard of Oz)
Rikki Lake (talk show host/actress)
Louise Lasser
Daliah Lavi
Linda Lavin (star of Alice)
Nigel Lawson (Britain's treasury secretary under Margaret Thatcher, father of Nigella Lawson)
Nigella Lawson (TV cook)
Norman Lear (tv producer)
Tom Lehrer
Jack Leonard
Sam Levenson
Marv Levi (coach of the Buffalo Bills)
Levi-Strauss (creator of blue jeans)
Reverend Bob Levy (standup comic)
Jerry Lewis (comedian)
Richard Lewis (standup comic)
Shari Lewis (children's personality, creator of Lamb Chop series)
Joe Lieberman (congressman/former vice-presidential candidate)
Hal Linden (star of Barney Miller)
Peggy Lipton (star of the Mod Squad, ex-wife of Quincy Jones, mother of his children)
Peter Lorre (actor in old horror films)
Jon Lovitz (comedian from Saturday Night Live)
Bill Macy ("Walter" from Maude, star of The Jerk)
Gustav Mahler (composer)
Karl Malden (actor/strongly anti-communist)
Dean Malenko (pro wrestler, son of Jewish wrestling legend The Great Malenko who was also a rabbi)
Howie Mandel (comedian/actor, host of Deal or No Deal)
Marx Brothers (comedians)
Karl Marx (founder of communism)
Marcel Marceau (mime)
Cindy Margolis (internet model)
Miriam Margolyes (British born actress/comedienne)
Walter Matthau (comedian/actor)
Mathilda May
Louis B. Mayor (motion picture pioneer)
Anne Meara
Michael Medved (conservative radio host/film critic)
Felix Mendelssohn (composer)
Idina Menzel
Debra Messing
Lorne Michaels (creator/producer of Saturday Night Live)
Barry Miller (only known for Saturday Night Fever)
Larry Miller (stand up comic that's been around forever and never went anywhere)
Rick Moranis (star of SCTV, Ghostbusters, and the Honey I Shrunk the Kids films)
Vic Morrow (actor died on the set of Twilight Zone movie - father of Jennifer Jason-Leigh)
Jan Murray
Isaac Mizrahi (designer)
Lorraine Newman (Saturday Night Live comidienne)
Bebe Neuwirth (played "Lillith" on Cheers)
Mike Nichols
Nostrodamus (psychic/mystic, devout Catholic)
Robert Novak (conservative commentator, convert to Catholicism)
Eliza Orlins (reality TV star)
Sarah Jessica Parker (star of Sex & The City)
"Penn & Teller" (magicians/illusionists/hosts of Showtime's Bullsh*t...note Raymond Teller is Jewish, Penn Jillette is NOT)
Ron Pearlman (deformed looking actor, star of Beauty & The Beast/Quest For Fire/Hellboy and others)
Amanda Peet (star of "Identity" and "Coyote Ugly")
Rhea Perlman (comidienne, star of Taxi and Cheers)
Natalie Portman (horrible actress, star of Star Wars I-III, The Professional and others)
Maury Povich (talk show host, son of rabbi)
Dennis Prager (conservative radio host)
Gilda Radner (Saturday Night Live comedienne, wife of Gene Wilder, starred in some movies)
Harold Ramis (actor/director, starred in Ghostbusters, directed Groundhog Day and others...note other sources say he's Lebanese and not Jewish)
Tony Randall (starred in TV's The Odd Couple)
Sally Jessy Raphael (talk show host)
Raven (pro-wrestler born Scott Levy, used name Johnny Polo while being a manager)
Nikki Reed/Evan Rachel Wood (sluts who starred in Thirteen, the former wrote the script based on her true life)
Carl Reiner (comedian/director)
Rob Reiner (comedian/director/"meathead")
Paul Reiser (comedian)
Ed Rendell (governor of Pennsylvania)
Jean Reno (French Jew actor from Rodin, Godzilla, and The Professional)
Paul Reubens (PeeWee Herman)
Randi Rhodes (liberal radio host not be confused with non-Jewish musician Randy Rhoads whom she took her stage name)
Don Rickles (comedian/actor)
Joan & Melissa Rivers (comedian/mother & daughter TV personalities)
Tanya Roberts (model, starred in James Bond film "A View to a Kill")
Sage Rosenfels (Miami Dolphins quarterback)
Jeffrey Ross
Philip Roth
Debbie Rowe ("wife" of Michael Jackson, mother of "his" children)
Zelda Rubinstein (starred in Poltergeist as the psychic)
Rita Rudner (stand up comic)
Winona Ryder (actress/nutcase from Edward Scissorhands and tons more)Andrew Sachs (co-star of Fawlty Towers)
Bob Saget (comedian/TV personality)
Mort Sahl
Soupy Sales (60s/70s has been comic)
Jonas Salk (physician)
Emma Samms (soap opera star)
Adam Sandler (comic)
Vidal Sassoon (hair stylist)
Michael Savage (conservative radio host)
Adolphe Sax (inventor of saxophone)
Alexi Sayle (comedian from England, Russian Jewish background)
Dr. Laura Schlessinger (radio psychiatrist)
Jessica Schimmel (Robert's daughter)
Robert Schimmel (comic)
Sears-Robuck (Sears department stores)
Rick Salomon (gambler/porn peddler)
George Segal (actor)
Steven Seagal (either full or half Jew depending on source, relative of Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay (Segal) French who claims family were Jews from Romania)
Jerry Seinfeld (comedian, creator/star of Seinfeld)
Jay Sekulow (attorney/political/religious commentator, convert to Christianity)Peter Sellers (comedian/actor from the Pink Panther series)
Rod Serling (creator of The Twilight Zone, converted to Catholicism)
Simon Schama (historian/host of television documentaries)
Barry Scheck (OJ Simpson attorney)
Debbie Schlussel (conservative columnist)
David Schwimmer (star of Friends)
Garry Shandling (comic, HBO star)
Harvey Shapiro (famed celeb attorney, People's Court)
Robert Shapiro (OJ Simpson attorney)
Dick Shawn
Harry Shearer (comedian/actor, starred in This Is Spinal Tap, voice on The Simpsons)
Adrienne Shelly (murdered actress)
Alan Sherman
Dinah Shore (talk show host, personality...contrary to rumor she's not a mulata but Jewish from the South)
Pauly Shore (annoying not-funny comic)
Denny Siegel
Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster (creators of Superman)
Sarah Silverman (comidienne)
Phil Silvers (old comedian)
Alicia Silverstone (actress)
Neil Simon (playwright)
Randy & Jason Sklar (twin brothers, hosts of Cheap Seats on ESPN)
Yakov Smirnoff (stupid comedian from Russia in the 80s)
Rena Sofer
Shannyn Sossamon
Bahar Soomekh (Iranian born Jewish actress)
Phil Spector (record producer/murderer)
Steven Speilberg (director)
Aaron Spelling (TV producer)
Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210 star/daughter of Aaron)
Baruch de Spinoza (philosopher)
Jerry Springer (talk show host/radio host/extreme liberal)
George "The Animal" Steele (pro-wrestler)
Gertrude Stein (author)
Daniel Stern (star of Home Alone series/narrator on The Wonder Years tv program)
Howard Stern (radio host)
Jon Stewart (comedian/political commentator)
Jerry Stiller (comedian)
Oliver Stone (controversial leftist director)
Marcia Strassman (Welcome Back Kotter actress)
Tara Strong
Clive Swift (actor/star of Britcom 'Keeping Up Appearances')
Brandon Tartikoff (head of NBC, now deceased)
Betty Thomas (star of Hill Street Blues, now film director)
Lily Tomlin (comidienne/actress, starred in 9 To 5, All Of Me, and others)
Leon Trotsky (Russian revolutionary figure)
Bruce Vilanch (Hollywood Squares panelist)
Rich Voss
Mike Wallace (journalist from 60 Minutes)
Barbara Walters (journalist)
Joseph Wapner (judge on People's Court)
David Warner (British born supporting actor)
Dr. Brian Weiss (famed psychologist/reincarnation supporter)
Rachel Weisz (actress from the Mummy films)
Dr. Ruth Westheimer (sexual therapist)
Billy Wilder
Gene Wilder (comedian/actor...Young Frankenstein, Willy Wonka, many more)Henry Winkler (TV actor from Happy Days "Fonz")
Debra Winger (star of Urban Cowboy and An Officer & A Gentleman)
Shelly Winters (actress, real name Shelly Schrift)
Max Wright (played father on ALF, recently caught smoking crack and having sex with two homeless black men)
Ed Wynn
Elliot Yamin (American Idol season 5 finalist)
Henny Youngman (stand-up comic, king of the one-liners)
Ian Ziering (star of Beverly Hills 90210)

Half or Part Jewish

Barbara Bach - actress/model (Jewish father/Irish mother, star of James Bond film Spy Who Loved Me, wife of Ringo Starr who's not Jewish)

Jennifer Beals (actress from Flashdance/The "L" Word, 1/2 black/Jewish)

David Blaine - (1/2 Puerto Rican magician/illusionist)

Yasmine Bleeth - Baywatch star (supposedly 1/2 Arab, other sources list her as full Jewish)

Lorainne Bracco - star of The Sopranos (1/2 Jewish/Italian)

Lisa Bonet - star of The Cosby Show (1/2 black/Jewish)

Matthew Broderick (star of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, War Games, Godzilla, and many more)

Neve Campbell (actress...Jewish mother)

Phoebe Cates (1/2 Japanese/Jew, wife of Kevin Kline, star of Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

Jackie Collins (author/sister of Joan)

Joan Collins (actress)

Jennifer Connelly (star of The Hulk and many more, claims Jewish ancestry)

Jamie Lee Curtis (Jew Tony Curtis father, non-Jewish mother)

Daniel Day-Lewis (actor...father English politician, mother Jewish)

Jamie-Lynn DiScala (aka Jamie Lynn Siegler- star of The Sopranos, Jewish father and Cuban (Spanish) mother)

Michael Douglas (son of Jewish actor Kirk Douglas and Bermuda born British mother, not raised in any religion)

Robert Downey Jr. (father Jewish, mother from Scotland, adopted non-Jewish step-father's surname)

Julia-Louise Dreifuss (Seinfeld star, father French-born Jew, related to famous Jewish military figure Driefuss)

David Duchovny (star of X-Files)

Nicole Eggert (Baywatch star...Jewish father/English mother...raised Jewish)

Aneesa Ferriera (1/2 black/Jewish reality TV star)

Carrie Fisher (daughter of Jew Eddie Fisher and non-Jew Debbie Reynolds)

Harrison Ford (Irish father, 1/2 Jewish mother)

James Franco (star of Spider-man films, Jewish mother)

Mikalah Gordon - American Idol contestant (Jewish father, Italian mother)

Jennifer Grey (Jewish father's a famous dancer/entertainer)

Goldie Hawn (1/2 Jewish comidienne/movie star)

Kate Hudson (daughter of Goldie Hawn, 1/4th Jewish, note her father is not Kurt Russell)

Helen Hunt (been in many movies including As Good as It Gets)

Scarlett Johansson (Danish father, Jewish-American mother...wears Star of David medallion)

John Kerry (Democratic Presidential candidate, 1/4th Jewish, raised Catholic...Jewish immigrant grandfather got name Kerry from County Kerry in Ireland)

Kevin Kline (actor, star of Dave, A Fish called Wanda and many more)

Michael Landon (tv star, Jewish father/Irish-American mother, raised Catholic)

Matt Lauer (host of Today Show)

Cyndi Lauper (singer...Jewish father/Sicilian mother)

Jennifer Jason Leigh (daughter of Jewish actor Vic Morrow, starred in Easy Money, Single White Female, and many more)

Bill Maher (extreme liberal talk show host/comedian, Jewish father/Irish mother, raised Catholic)

Olivia Newton-John (Jewish grandfather Max Born who won Nobel prize in science)

Katey Sagal (Jewish father-starred in Married With Children, 2 twin sisters had a short lived series in the 80s)

Jack Osbourne (1/4 Jewish)

Kelly Osbourne (1/4 Jewish)

Sharon Osbourne (manager/wife of Ozzy Osbourne, Jewish father Don Arden music manager, Irish/English mother)

Gwyneth Paltrow (Jewish father, non-Jewish mother, raised Jewish)

Sean, Chris, & Michael Penn (Jewish director father Leo Penn, younger brother Michael is a little known folk singer)

Leah Remini (star of King of Queens, refers to herself as "Jewish & Sicilian" but judging her looks she's probably concealing some "colored" ancestry and masking it as "Sicilian")

Pink (R&B/Pop whigger slut born Alicia Moore, daughter of non-Jewish father James Moore and Lithuanian Jewish mother Judy Kugel...identifies with being Jewish)

Geraldo & Craig Rivera (1/2 Puerto Rican/Jewish journalists, the former has star of David tattoo on his hand)

Drew Rosenhaus (sports agent/personality)

Gavin Rossdale (singer of Bush, claims to have "Jewish ancestry")

Maya Rudolph (star of Saturday Night Live, Jewish father, black mother Minnie Ripperton famous for song "Loving You" from 70s)

Rob Schneider (comedian/actor, 1/2 Philipino)Jayne Seymour (actress of film and TV, claims Jewish ancestry)

Ione Skye (actress...Jewish mother)

Ben Stiller (Jewish comedian Jerry Stiller is his father, non-Jewish mother)

Matt Stone (co-creator of South Park)

Tiny Tim (60s singer, not gay either...half Jewish/Lebanese)

Abe Vigoda (son of Jewish Mexican (Sephardim) father and Italian American mother)

Married to Jews and/or Converted

Gracie Allen (married to George Burns, devout Catholic, Burns wasn't religious)

Tom Arnold (Roseanne Barr's ex-husband, converted)

Edie Brickell (married Paul Simon)

Kate Capshaw (married to Steven Speilberg)

Nell Carter (Gimme A Break star, married and converted)

Max Cavalera (singer/guitarist of Sepultura/Soulfly...married the band's Jewish manager)

Connie Chung (news personality, married to Maury Povich)

Sammy Davis Jr. (converted)

Isla Fisher (model, married to Ali G. (Sascha Baron Cohen)

Bridgette Fonda (actress, niece of Jane and grand-daughter of Henry Fonda...married to composer Danny Elfman)

Henry Hill (mob informer, subject of film Goodfellas)

Liam Howlett (member of The Prodigy, married All Saints member Natalie Appleton who is Jewish)

Shirley Jones (married Marty Ingels, converted)

Liam Gallagher (Oasis singer, married to All Saints member Nicole Appleton who is Jewish)

Whoopi Goldberg (actress/comedienne)

Yaphet Kotto (black actor...convert)

Richard Krupps-Bernstein (guitarist for German band Rammstein, converted and took wife's surname as own, since divorced)

Peter Lawford (converted)

Madonna (Italian/French American, follower of Kabbalah)

Paul McCartney (widow of Jewish Linda (Eastman) McCartney, did not convert, Linda McCartney (Eastman) contrary to popular rumor was not a member of the non-Jewish Kodak-Eastman family)

Richard Moll ("Bull" from Night Court, converted)

Marilyn Monroe (married Jewish playright Arthur Miller, Jewish ceremony)

Mike Myers (actor/comedian from the Austin Powers series/Saturday Night Live, etc., biologically he's not Jewish though many think he is, he is married to a Jewish woman though...update: they recently divorced)

Chris Robinson (Black Crowes singer, married quarter Jew Kate Hudson)

Kurt Russell (actor, married Goldie Hawn)

Suzanne Somers (actress/tv personality, converted)

Sharon Stone (married Jewish man...since divorced)

Elizabeth Taylor (converted)

James Taylor (Carly Simon's ex-husband)

Jackie Wilson (soul singer, converted)

Catherine Zeta-Jones (married 1/2 Jew Michael Douglas)

Nikki Ziering (Ian Ziering's ex-wife, converted)

Jewish Musicians/Singers/Producers

3rd Bass ("white" Jewish rap group, both members Jewish)

Kenny Aaronson (bassist for Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates, Billy Idol, Sammy Hagar, Joan Jett, others)

Lou Adler (rock manager for Mamas & Papas, Rocky Horror Picture Show producer)

Steven Adler (ex-Guns N' Roses drummer)

Herb Albert (Jewish, not Mexican or Spanish as a lot think, founder of A&M Records, was popular artist in the 70s)

Alisha (80s Madonna wanna-be, couple of hits)

All Saints (3 of the 4 girls in All Saints are Jewish (the other is black), English born Melanie Blatt and Canadian sisters Natalie & Nicole Appleton)

Army Of Lovers (short-lived alternative duo from Sweden, one is Jewish from Algeria and other is Russian/Polish Jew)

Kenny Aronoff (balding session drummer for John Mellencamp, Ted Nugent, and country acts)

Asleep At The Wheel (both members Jewish)

Jeff & Mark Bass (brothers who grew up with Eminem, produced his records)

Beastie Boys ("white" Jewish rap group, all members Jewish)

Beck (singer)

Roy Bittan (keyboardist with Bruce Springsteen)

Blood, Sweat & Tears (most of this popular 60/early 70s band were Jewish...Al Kooper, Steve Katz, Bobby Colomby, Randy Brecker, & Jerry Weiss)

Eric Bloom, Dave Roeser (Blue Oyster Cult members...Bloom is cousin of Howard Stern)

Marc Bolan (T. Rex leader/singer)

Michael Bolton (singer)

Gary Brooker (Procul Harum)

David Bryan (David Bryan Rashbaum, keyboardist of Bon Jovi)

Mike Burkett & Eric Melvin (members of punk band NOFX)

Vanessa Carlton (singer who's 15 minutes are about up)

Eric Carmen (ex-singer for The Raspberries, solo artist..."All by Myself", "Hungry Eyes", etc.)

Leonard & Phil Chess (Polish-Jewish immigrants who started blues label Chess Records)

Leonard Cohen (singer/songwriter, performed at Woodstock, not as popular in America as he is overseas but has a strong cult following)

Marc Cohn (singer)

Harry Connick Jr. (Jewish mother, raised Catholic)

Country Joe & Fish (most members of this protest 60s band were Jewish)

Jim Croce (Half Jewish/Sicilian, raised and married Jewish)

Craig David (1/2 black/Jewish, from England, more popular there than in the States)

Clive Davis (founder of Arista Records, too many performers discovered by him to list but among them Whitney Houston, Grateful Dead, and Springsteen)

Taylor Dayne (singer)

Neil Diamond (very famous singer, commonly called the "Jewish Elvis")

The Dictators (early punk band, all members Jewish)

Dave Draiman (Disturbed singer, son of Orthodox rabbi)

Adam Duritz (singer for Counting Crows)

Bob Dylan (folk legend, converted to Christianity, refers to himself as a "born-again Jew", real name Robert Zimmerman)

Jakob Dylan (son of Bob, not as famous as him, vocalist for The Wallflowers)

Danny Elfman (ex-singer for Ooingo Boingo, movie composer, works with director Tim Burton)

Mama Cass Elliott (Mamas & Papas)

Brian Epstein (manager of the Beatles)

Howie Epstein & Stan Lynch (bassist and drummer for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Epstein died of heroin overdose in 2003)

Donald Fagan/Walter Becker (prog/jazz rock duo known as Steely Dan)

Marianne Faithfull (1/2 Jewish singer)

Perry Farrel (Jane's Addiction/Porno For Pyros singer/leader) -and ex male prostitute!

The Flamingos (doo-wop act of the 50s formed by Jewish brothers Jake & Zeke Carey, both later converted to Christianity)

Jon Fishman (drummer for Phish)

Alan Freed (DJ who in 1951 coined the term rock and roll)

Kinky Friedman (country singer/author/humorist)

Marty Freidman (ex-Megadeth guitarist, now pop star in Japan)

Justine Frischmann (singer for Elastica)

Art Garfunkel (Simon & Garfunkel)

The J. Geils Band (note: leader J. Geils is NOT Jewish, however the rest of the band one time called "the Jewish Rolling Stones")

Philip Glass (new age composer, convert to Buddhism)

Mike Gordon (pedophile bassist for Phish)

Lesley Gore (singer of "It's My Party")

Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac guitarist, born Peter Greenbaum)

Norman Greenbaum (one hit wonder from the 60s, now dentist in Miami Beach)

Josh Groban (Jewish father, raised Episcopalian)

Brad Gurewitz (Bad Religion guitarist/Epitaph Records founder)

Arlo Guthrie (1/2 Jewish folk singer, son of communist/non-Jewish folk singer Woody Guthrie)

Mickey Hart (drummer for The Grateful Dead, only member of the Dead who was Jewish)

Richard Hell (punk rocker born Richard Myers)

Susanna Hoffs (leader of The Bangles)

Rob Hyman (member of The Hooters)

Janis Ian (folk singer briefly popular)

Scott Ian (Rosenfeld), Dan & Dave Spitz (Anthrax members...Dan Spitz converted to Christianity)

Jamiroquai (British born soul singer born Jason Kay, went to Hebrew school)

Jefferson Airplane/Starship (Jewish members include Marty Balin, Jorma Kaukonen, & Paul Spencer of band not Jewish)

Billy Joel (singer/song-writer)

Mick Jones (guitarist/singer of The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite, very left-wing)

Jay & The Americans (all Jewish band, huge hits "This Magic Moment", "Cara Mia", "Come a Little Bit Closer", etc.)

Carole King (singer/song-writer)

Don Kirschner (rock producer)

Kittie (female nu-metal band led by Canadian born Jewish sisters Morgan & Mercedes Lander, at one time they had a guitarist named Marx who was probably Jewish)

The Knack (new wave band, all members Jews)

Paul Kossoff (member of Free who hit with single "All Right Now", son of movie director David Kossoff)

Al Kooper (ex-Blood Seat & Tears leader, discovered & produced Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits leader, Jewish father/Scottish mother)

Joey Kramer (drummer for Aerosmith)

Lenny Kravitz (1/2 Jewish & black singer/guitarist)

Robbie Krieger (The Doors guitarist)

Bob Kulick (session guitarist, brother of more famous Bruce)

Bruce Kulick (Kiss guitarist)

Steve Lawrence (singer)

Geddy Lee (Rush singer/bassist/keyboardist, born Gary Lee Weintraub, Yiddish grandmother called him "Geddy")

Danny Lilker (Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, S.O.D., & Brutal Truth bass player)

Lisa Loeb (one-hit wonder singer)

Melissa Manchester (singer)

Barry Manilow (real name: Barry Pinkus...singer/song-writer)

Mannfred Mann (famous for Bruce Springsteen cover "Blinded by The Light")

Arick Marshall (Red Hot Chili Peppers-1/2 Jewish/black guitarist)

Malcolm McLaren (discovered the Sex Pistols, surname is either not his actual name or he was half Jewish, identifies with being Jewish)

Bette Midler (singer)

Rod Morgenstern (Winger/Dixie Dregs drummer)

Jon Moss (drummer for Culture Club, Adam Ant, and The Damned)

Juice Newton (country singer born Judith Kaye Cohen)

New Found Glory (pop-punk band, 3 of the 5 members are Jews)

Randy Newman (singer/movie composer)

Phil Ochs (60s singer)

Orphaned Land (Israeli metal band)

Lee Oskar (horn player with War)

Steven Page (frontman for Barenaked Ladies)

Sandy Pearlman (producer of Blue Oyster Cult, founder of Pascha Records)

Trevor Rabin (YES singer/musician, born in South Africa)

Joey Ramone (The Ramones singer, real name Joey Hyman)

Lou Reed (singer/song-writer)

Robbie Robertson (guitarist for The Band/Bob Dylan, father Jewish, mother Mohawk Indian)

Rick Rubin (producer for Johnny Cash, Slayer, System of a Down among others)

David Rose (singer)

Ross The Boss (guitarist for Manowar and The Dictators - real name: Ross Friedman)

David Lee Roth (Van Halen singer)

Chuck Schuldiner (deceased singer/guitarist of (oddly enough) Death)

Neil Sedaka (singer)

Evan Seinfeld (Bio-hazard singer/bassist, husband of porno star and recently himself a porn star)

Danny Shuler (Bio-hazard drummer)

Josh Silvers (keyboardist for Type O Negative, note very critical of Jews and is very "politically incorrect")

Gene Simmons (Kiss singer/bassist, born in Hungary as Chaim Witz, raised in Israel, immigrated to U.S. and changed name to Gene Klein and later Simmons)

Carly Simon (singer)

Paul Simon (singer/composer)

Eric Singer (Kiss drummer)

Leland Sklar (session musician for Phil Collins, James Taylor...known for his trademark huge beard)

Alex Skolnick (former Testament guitarist, now jazz musician)

Slash (Guns N' Roses-1/2 Jewish/black guitarist)

Hillel Slovak (Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, Israeli & died of heroin overdose)

Phil Spector (produced everyone from Elvis to the Ramones)

Dee Snider & Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister members, Snider is 1/4th Jewish and was raised Christian...French's real surname is Segal)

Paul Stanley (Kiss singer/guitarist, born Stanley Harvey Eisen...contrary to stupid internet rumor espoused by idiotic Jewwatch site, he's not the son of the man who invented 2000 Flushes)

Brenda K. Starr (salsa/freestyle singer famous for about 2 minutes...Jewish father/Dominican mulata mother)

Chris Stein (guitarist for Blondie)

Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Michael Jackson guitarist)

Barbra Streisand (singer/liberal political activist/actress)

Sylvain Sylvain (born Sylvain Mizrahi in Egypt (designer Isaac Mizrahi is a cousin) guitarist of the NY Dolls)

10 cc (polular for song "I'm Not In Love", Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, and Gouldman are all Jews)

Mel Torme (singer)

Nick Valensi (guitarist for The Strokes, son of Jews from Algeria)

Veruca Salt (short-lived alternative band, Nina Gordon, Louise Post, and James Shapiro are Jews)

Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen drummer, Late Night with Conan O'Brien band leader)

Janet Weiss (singer)

Leslie West (born Leslie Weinstein, leader of Mountain)

Brad Wilk (drummer for Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave, communist party member)

Brian, Carl, & Dennis Wilson (members of The Beach Boys)

Carnie & Wendy Wilson (daughters of Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, 2/3rds of Wilson Phillips)

Kirk Windstein (Crowbar/Down singer/bassist)

Kip Winger (Winger singer/bassist, relative of Debra Winger)

Peter Wolf (singer, formerly of the J. Geils Band)

Randy Wolf (aka Randy California, guitarist for Spirit, died saving drowning son in Hawaii)

Zal Yanovsky (The Lovin' Spoonful)

Peter Yarrow (member of folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary...note he's the only Jew in that group...political leftist, godfather of John Kerry's daughter...Yarrow's niece is the daughter of a democratic senator and Yarrow did time in the 70s for sexually violating a 14 year old girl while his wife was pregnant, he was pardoned by then President Jimmy Carter because of Yarrow's political connections)

Warren Zevon (one-hit wonder)

Mark Zonder, Steve Zimmerman (members of Fates Warning)

John Zorn (jazz musician)

Porno Stars/Porno Directors/Producers/Sex Celebs

*note nearly all porn stars use fake names purposely to hide behind anonymity so in most cases it's next to impossible to find their real names or anything relating to their actual ethnicities and race. It's well-known that the overwhelming majority of creators, producers, and distributors of pornography are Jewish, something porn peddler Luke Ford (himself Jewish) brags about on his website It also seems that most male performers appear Jewish but being there's not very many men in the industry it's not hard to figure out who's who. Females on the other hand are so numerous that it's next to impossible to figure out how many are Jewish or not though of the few I've seen many, possibly most have Semitic features. Keep in mind many, possibly most female performers purposely hide behind wigs, heavy make-up, and for the most successful starlets, plastic and cosmetic surgery. The following listed below are just those that have been open about being Jewish.

Buck Adams (brother of Amber Lynn)

Bunny Bleu

Barbara Dare

Amber Lynn (sister of Buck Adams, a very sick family indeed, the two announced they were siblings when both were scheduled to do a sex scene together by producers who didn't know their relations)

Nina Hartley (also communist party member)

Bobby Hollender

Xaveria Hollender

Frank James

Ron Jeremy

Gloria Leonard (actress & publisher of magazines)

Tiffany Million

Sharon Mitchell

Susan Nero


Harry Reems

Herschel Savage (Hershel Cohen)

Alexandra Silk

Annie Sprinkle

Ona Zee

Celebrities Commonly Mistaken as Being Jewish who are NOT JEWISH

Dan Ackroyd (French/British descent from Canada)

Alan Alda (Italian-American star of MASH born Alfonso Joseph D'Abruzzo)

Tim Allen (born in Colorado, real surname is Dick...step-father was an Episcopalian deacon)

Pamela Anderson (internet rumor, Canadian of Finnish descent)

Jennifer Aniston (Greek-American star of Friends)

Jello Biafra (Eric Boucher, French-American singer of Dead Kennedys)

Cate Blanchett (Australian actress, father was an American from Texas)

Orlando Bloom (adopted by Jewish step-father, not an ethnic Jew)

Ernest Borgnine (Italian-American star of McHale's Navy/Escape from New York)

Charles Bronson (ex-coal miner from Pennsylvania, Ukrainian/Lithuanian descent)

Sandra Bullock (father American serviceman, mother German, speaks fluent German and is not Jewish)

Charlie Chaplin (not Jewish, had Jewish step-father and 1/2 brother who was half Jewish)

Chevy Chase (not Jewish, 14th generation New Yorker of Anglo/Dutch stock, comes from the Crane family known for producing public toilets)

Alice Cooper (big nose but French-American, real name Vincent Furnier, son of Protestant minister)

Adam Corolla* (Italian American comedian, tv personality) *update: he recently said some family came from Hungary which could indicate possible Jewish blood but unconfirmed

Richard Dawson (actor/host of Family Feud...born in England as Colin Emm, ran away from home at age 14 to join Merchant Marines...ended up in Los Angeles and was a boxer for a while before finding fame)

Robert DeNiro (old rumor that he's 1/2 Jewish, he's actually a quarter Italian and 3/4ths Irish)

C.C. DeVille (guitarist for Poison...Scandinavian-American born Bruce Johannesson)

Ronnie James Dio (singer from Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and Dio...born Ronald Padrevano in 1940, Italian-American from upstate New York)

Eminem (Marshall Mathers III (when did trailer trash start getting such regal sounding names?!??!?) is not Jewish)

Dani Filth (Dan Davies, singer of Cradle of Filth...internet rumor that he's 1/2 Jewish and 1/2 Ethiopian, anyone that believes such is a complete retard and needs to be exterminated from the genepool, he's as white Caucasian as you get)

Bobby Flay (TV chef, Irish-American)

Larry Flynt (publisher of Hustler, born in West Virginia...about as Jewish as a ham sandwich)

Judy Garland (actress, great-grand-daughter of President Ulysses S. Grant)

Richard Gere (Irish American from Pennsylvania)

Mel Gibson (just kidding...though eventually some idiot on one of the WN bulletin boards will come up with a theory of Gibson's Jewish origins)

Al Gore (Vice President/Presidential candidate...Anglo from if)

Lou Gramm (Italian-American singer of Foreigner...real name Lou Grammatico)

Kathy Griffin (butt-ugly, but not Jewish, Irish-American)

Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons)

Natalee Halloway (missing/presumedly murdered American teen in Aruba...Anglo-American from Alabama)

Jeff Hannemann & Kerry King (guitarists for Slayer, internet rumor...neither Jewish, the former is Nordic/Germanic and collector of "nazi" memoribilia)

Hugh Hefner (Playboy founder...born on Nebraska farm to Methodist parents, descendant of Puritans)

Benny Hill (born Alfred Hawthorne-Hill in Southhampton, England...Church of England member, took mother's surname as he didn't get along with his father and Benny came from his "idol" Jack Benny)

Paris Hilton (the Hilton hotel chain was the brainchild of a Norwegian immigrant, the family is largely Norwegian and German descent)

Jenny Jones (American talk show host, born Janina Stranski to Polish Roman Catholic parents employed in Bethlehem while it was still the British mandate of Palestine (now Israel) later relocated to Canada and then the U.S.)

Jimmy Kimmel (late night personality/talk show host, German-American...boyfriend of Jewish comidienne Sarah Silverman)

Sam Kinison (deceased comedian, former Protestant minister)

David Letterman (German-American host of The Late Show)

Till Lindemann (singer of German band Rammstein, internet rumor...Rammstein guitarist Richard Krupps is married to a Jewish model from New York City)

Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner is Irish/German American)

Sophie Marceau (French non-Jew and not related to Jewish mime Marcel Marceau)

Penny & Garry Marshall (Italian-American siblings, real name Marshelli, both famed directors...the former starred in sitcom Laverne & Shirley and was married to Jew Rob Reiner)

Steve Martin (comedian/actor/musician, Anglo from Texas, also an accomplished bluegrass musician though not known for it by most)

Liza Minelli (daughter of non-Jewish actress/singer Judy Garland and Italian father)

Gorilla Monsoon (Italian-American wrestling legend/commentator, real name Gino Morella)

Joe Namath (legendary NY Jets quarterback, Catholic Slovakian-American)

Steve Perry (singer of Journey...Portugese-American born Steven Pereira)

Elvis Presley (internet rumor that he had a Jewish grandmother, never been proven much less believable)

Artimis Pyle (Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer who was charged with molesting children and fled to Israel, he's not Jewish but served in Vietnam with Jewish man who helped arrange his fugitive status)

Michael Richards (plays "Kramer" on Seinfeld, is not Jewish but no one knows what his exact ethnicity is)

Alan Rickman (British actor, son of Irish Catholic immigrants)

Tim Roth (British actor, star of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, others...real surname Smith, despite big nose and surname which can be either German or Jewish, Roth is not ethnically or religiously Jewish...his father was a journalist who worked mostly after WWII in countries that were hostile to the British and he changed the name...another source says he got name Roth from a Jewish friend who like him was ultra-left politically)

John Saxon (Italian-American star of Enter The Dragon)

Martin Short (often mis-identified as being Jewish, Short is actually of Irish descent and Roman Catholic)

Bruce Springsteen (Irish-Italian American singer)

Ringo Starr (born in Liverpool as Richard Starkey, he's not Jewish and even laughs about people saying he is in the Beatles DVD anthology, he is however married to half-Jew Barbara Bach)

Martha Stewart (Polish-American from the state of New Jersey (which has a heavy Polish presence), has dated several Jewish men however)

Alex Trebek (host of Jeopardy!, Canadian born son of Ukrainian immigrants)

Pete Townsend (singer/guitarist from The Who, born in England of Irish Catholic immigrants)

Liv Tyler (daughter of Italian-American Aerosmith singer Steve Tyler and Playboy playmate Bebe Buell)

Steven Tyler (Italian-American singer of Aerosmith)

Charlie Watts (drummer of Rolling Stones, very ugly but not Jewish)

Robin Williams (comedian/actor, son of Ford executive Robert Fitzgerald Williams of Scottish/Welsh background, mother French descent from Louisiana)

Bruce Willis (born in Germany to non-Jewish American serviceman and German mother, speaks fluent German and also Lutheran)

Elijah Wood (Frodo from the Lord of the Rings, weird looking but not Jewish)

James Woods (Irish-American from Utah, played being Jewish in Once Upon A Time in America)

Weird Al Yankovic (Serbian/Italian known for song parodies)

The Non-Jewish Members of Kiss (the rock band Kiss was started in NYC by Jews Paul Stanley (Stan Eisen) and Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz), not all the members were Jews though some think everybody that has been in that band were. Ace Frehley (Paul Frehley) is German-American, Peter Criss (Criscuola), Vinnie Vincent (Cusano), and the late Eric Carr (Carravello) were Italian-Americans. The ethnicity of Michael St. John (Norton) is not known).

Arab-American & Lebanese-American Celebrities, NOT JEWS! *denotes Lebanese Catholic (if known)

F. Murray Abraham* (actor from Amadeus & Scarface)

Rene Angelil* (Lebanese/Quebecois husband/manager of Celine Dion)

Paul Anka (singer)

Yamila Diaz-Rahi* (Lebanese/Argentine model)

Shannon Elizabeth* (TV star)

John Elway* (football quarterback)

Emilio & Gloria Estefan* (producer/singer husband & wife - Cubans of Lebanese descent)

Charla Faddoul (reality TV star)

Jamie Farr (star of Mash)

Doug Flutie* (football quarterback)

Jeff George* (football quarterback)

Sammy Hagar* (singer/guitarist, ex-Montrose & Van Halen vocalist)

Khrystine Haje* (star of Head of the Class)

Mark Hamill* ("Luke Skywalker" from Star Wars films)

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf* (midget star of Howard Stern Show)

Jack Hannah* (zoo keeper/tv personality)

Salma Hayek* (movie star)

Mirna Hindovan (reality TV star)

Benny Hinn (TV evangelist, born in Israel (Palestinian) but not Jewish)

Dom Joly (stand-up comic)

Casey Kasem (famous DJ)

Kerri Kasem (model/daughter of Casey)

Andy Kim* (70s pop star, singer of The Archies in the 60s)

Rich Kotite* (former NY Jets coach)

Krista McAuliffe* (teacher/astronaut killed in Challenger explosion)

Kristy McNichol (actress/tv star, Scottish father, Palestinian mother)

Ralph Nader* (politician/Green party)

Kathy Najimy (actress of Sister Act/The Fisher King/Hope Floats)

George Noory* (radio host of Coast to Coast AM)

Michael Nouri* (movie/tv actor)

Diane Rehm* (public radio host, Turkish father, Egyptian mother, Christian)

Rony Seikaly* (basketball player)

Shakira* (Colombian singer, Lebanese father)

Donna Shalala* (political figure, head of University of Miami)

Tony Shalhoub* (star of Monk)

Omar Shariff (Egyptian star of Dr. Zhivago & The 13th Warrior)

G.E. Smith* (real name Haddad, session guitarist...Hall & Oates, Saturday Night Live, etc.)

Noel Stookey* (member of Peter, Paul & Mary)

Vic Tayback* ("Mel" from Alice)

Danny & Marlo Thomas* (father & daughter actors/entertainers)

Tiffany* (80s teen pop star)

Jane Wiedlin* (guitarist from Go-Gos, animal rights activist)

Amy Yasbeck* (sitcom star, widow of John Ritter)

Frank Zappa & his children (musicians)

Armenian celebs, NOT JEWS!

Andre Agassi (tennis pro)

Charles Aznavour (singer)

Adrienne Barbeau (actress...half French)

Eric Bogosian (stand up comic/actor/director/commentator)

Cher (singer/actress)

Mike Connors (actor)

David Dickinson (British TV personality)

Atom Egoyan (director)

Arlene Francis (actress)

Alexander Haig (U.S. General)

Sid Haig (character actor from 70s B movies, recently Rob Zombie's films and Kill Bill Vol. II)

Linda Kasabian (member of the Charles Manson family)

Gary Kasparov (chess champion)

Armen Keteyian (sports commentator)

Dr. Jack Kevorkian (controversial "doctor of death" euthanasia supporter)

Maddox (web master)

Andrea Martin (comedienne)

Alain Prost (race car driver)

Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (actress, married to Kevin Smith)

David Seville (creator of Alvin & The Chimpmunks)

System Of A Down (metal band)

Jerry Tarkanian (basketball coach)

Michael Vartan (actor)

Albanian celebs, NOT JEWS!

John & James Belushi (comedians)

Eliza Dushku (actress)

Regis Philbin (TV host...1/2 Irish)

Celebrities Not Known if they're Jewish or Not:

Dr. Robert C. Atkins (diet guru, Jews are unsure of his background)

Paul Baloff (deceased singer for Exodus, has Semitic appearance (frizzy hair, wide mouth, etc.), wore t-shirts with hammer & sickle but never up front about his politics or ethnicity)

David Beckham (soccer metrosexual, claims to be part Jewish but he's so dumb you don't know whether to take him serioiusly or not)

Anton LaVey (Church of Satan founder and nutcase who claimed to be part Jewish, Mongolian, Gypsy and everything else in between depending on who was financially helping him...his daughter and son in law (Nicolas Shreck and Zeena LaVey) are involved with an extreme right/pagan white nationalist group in Germany)

Courtney Love (claimed Jewish man as her father, later said Marlon Brando and others were)

Dusty Rhodes (pro wrestler, born Virgil Runnels, looks Semitic and wears Star of David medallion in some interviews but sometimes sounds like an evangelical when he starts talking about God though he's always been kind of a screwball, son Dustin Rhodes wife Terri Runnels appears Semitic and is a former CNN employee)

Joaquin & River Phoenix (Joaquin claimed to be part Jewish but was proven not to know anything about Judaism when questioned by

Dwight Yoakum (highly doubtful the country singer is Jewish though one televised entertainment report claimed so, hails from coal mining community in Kentucky with heavy German-American population...the surname Yoakum is an Americanized version of the German Joachim)